E-Learning is the wave of the future for companies wishing to train large numbers of employees at various locations. E-Learning ensures consistency of training and documentation and allows monitoring and management of the training progress and results from a single remote location.
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  • Reduces external training costs.
  • Eliminates the need for a trainer to come on site.
  • Company can train employees at any time to suit them. Simply a click away.
  • New Hires can be trained from day one-no need to wait.
  • Easy to provide refresher training.
  • In depth reporting facility tracks all users training
  • Employee’s history of training can be viewed by a click of a button.
  • Risk Check list provides essential information to Administrator on any areas of risk within the company along with guidance on how to reduce the risk.

How it Works

  • Your company assigns a person to Administer the Learning Management System. (LMS)
  • The Administrator is assigned a unique password and username.
  • The Administrator determines which employees and which topics will be assigned.
  • The LMS contacts students , at Administrator’s direction, with subjects and available dates for training to be completed.
  • Students passing the course have the option of printing a Certificate of Completion. (CPD)
  • When students complete a course, they receive an e-mail advising them of their results.
  • The Administrator has complete access to Risk Assessment Tools, User Management and Student Progress inside our unique, easy to use “Report Viewer” function.

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