Forklift Training

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Everything you need to train your new or experienced forklift operators

Under OSHA’s Forklift Standard, a thorough training evaluation is required and must be documented every three years.
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Includes 3 Videos

Forklift Operator Training
Meets new OSHA requirements for general operation, engineering principles, fulcrum points, raised loads, rear-wheel steering and more. 18 Min.

Site-Specific Modules
Required training for propane handling, battery charging, carbon monoxide, pallet jacks, walkie stackers and more are covered in separate modules allowing you to train on the topics that pertain to your operation. 60 Min.

Forking Around
From our “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” Series, students are asked to identify the safety hazards in a series of video clips. The clips are then played back with narration and graphics explainig the errors. (This program is mildy humorous) 10 min.

Written Materials – All on one easy-to use CD-Rom disc!

Instructor Manual
Complete OSHA Regs.
Training Booklets
Employee Tests
Operator License
Certificate of Completion
Daily Inspection Checklists

Buy the Training Package!