Hospitality OSHA 7

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Seven Mandatory Training Courses on One, easy-to-use DVD


Chemicals can be found in nearly every area of your facility. OSHA mandates that all employees be trained in the safe use, storage and handling of these materials. This video details material safety data sheets, container labeling and basic chemical safety. Information is presented in a clear, concise manner that is effective and easy to understand.


Meets the training requirements for employees working in the hospitality, and foodservice industries. Designed for workers identified as first aid/CPR providers whose job may expose them to blood or bodily fluids, linens or clothing.  Explains exactly what bloodborne pathogens are, their potential effects on employee health, and how to reduce exposure to BBP, HIV, and/or HBV.


Everyone in your facility should be trained in proper use of fire extinguishers.  This video can help by illustrating the proper use of fire extinguishers, classes of fire, PASS, and other important information, and by improving fire prevention awareness.  A perfect compliment to “hands-on” fire extinguisher training, safety orientation, or refresher training.


Slips and falls can happen to almost anyone on your property: Guests, Bell Staff, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Management & others.  Video presents several different scenarios and and examines what circumstances or conditions contributed to each incident, employee behavior that contributed to each incident and what steps can be taken to prevent future similar occurrences.


Back injuries are one of the most common injuries in the Hospitality Industry.  They are also one of the most preventable.  This video aids in prevention by explaining the anatomy of the back, body mechanics, basic safe lifting techniques and more. Armed with this knowledge, employees are more apt to practice safe lifting regardless of which department they work in.


Lockout/Tagout procedures may be necessary for many pieces of equipment in your facility during maintenance or repair.  This program is a great tool in training “affected” employees in lockout/tagout procedures. This includes workers in kitchens, laundry rooms, and maintenance. A lack of knowledge pertaining to proper lockout/tagout procedures can have tragic results.


Your company provides PPE, but the responsibility to wear it rests with your associates. This program stresses the importance of personal responsibility and that safety is a choice. Discusses different types of PPE and the protection it affords. PPE? It’s Your Choice.

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