Respirator Training

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The Respiratory Protection Training Package is designed to assist employers in meeting the new federal respirator standards.

Package Contains:

THE NEW RULES, OVERVIEW VIDEO – This video reviews the new standards and is an excellent training program for supervisors and employees, who wear respiratory protection. Includes different types of respirators, new rules and generally covers the entire respiratory protection program.

RESPIRATOR SELECTION/USE VIDEO – This program provides the information relating to Selection and Use of Respirators. Contains required information for Donning/Doffing, Maintenance, Selection, Types of Respirators, and more.

RESPIRATOR FIT TESTING VIDEO – Another training program to meet the new Fit Testing Requirements. Explains Quantitative and Qualitative Fit Testing, actual testing procedures and proper fit during testing.

CD-ROM INTERACTIVE MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE – Under the new rules, every person who wears a respirator must be EVALUATED by a “health care provider” for medical fitness to wear respirators. This Interactive CD uses the required medical questionnaire, where the wearer answers all the questions. Upon completion, a print out of the completed questionnaire can be printed and forwarded to the health care provider. The new standards require confidentiality of the information, therefore, the only information left on the computer is the name of the person and the date the questionnaire was completed.

Buy the Training Package!