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CD-ROM Interactive Training

Video-Based Training, Testing & Documentation…
All on One, Easy-to-use CD-ROM disc

Chemicals and hazardous materials can be found in nearly every area of your property. OSHA mandates that all employees be trained in the safe use, handling, and storage of these materials. This program details Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Container Labeling and Basic Chemical Safety. Information is presented in a clear, concise manner that is effective and easy to understand.

This program meets the training requirements for employees working in the Hospitality Industry for Bloodborne Pathogens awareness. Designed for workers who may be exposed to blood and/or body fluids during the course of their work including exposure from contaminated linens, clothing or First Aid Procedures. Explains exactly what Bloodborne Pathogens are, their potential effects on health and how to reduce exposure to BBP, HIV and Hepatitis.

Lockout/Tagout procedures are necessary for many pieces of equipment in your facility during maintenance or repair. This program is a great tool for training “authorized” and “affected” employees in proper procedures. This includes workers in kitchens, laundry rooms, maintenance and others. A lack of training in Lockout/Tagout can have traigc results.

Each CD-ROM is a complete training solution ideal for mandatory annual training.

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Fall Protection Package

FALLPACK Fall Protection Package

Two full-length videos

  • Fall Protection
  • Ladder Safety

Employee Tests
A test for each video provides documentation of employee performance and training.

Written Materials
CD-Rom contains written materials and forms for use with your company’s Respiratory Protection Program. Documents are in Microsoft Word Format for ease of use and customization.


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Price: $295.00

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FORKPACK – Forklift Operator Training Package

  • 3 Comprehensive Training Videos
  • Printable Written Materials
  • Forklift Operator Licenses

Updated Forklift Operator Training Video
This program meets the new OSHA forklift operator training requirements. Safe operating procedures and engineering principles are covered in depth. The information, though technical, is presented in a manner that is clear and easy to understand. A great tool for training new or experienced lift truck operators.

Site-Specific Training Modules Video
This video contains 6 modules needed for site specific training. Videos on Battery Charging, Propane Safety, Carbon Monoxide, Pallet Jacks, Walkie Stackers and more are included for use as dictated by your workplace requirements.

Forking Around Video
This is a humorous program about a serious issue; unsafe acts on forklifts. Scenes are shown and students are asked to identify, “What’s Wrong with this Picture?” A great way to keep students involved in the training and hold their interest.

Written Materials on CD-ROM
Everything you need to train your employees. OSHA Regs, Instructor Lesson Plans, All materials are printable and reproducible!

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Price: $495.00

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HAZWOPER Training Package

Hazwoper Training Package – Ideal for required 40 hour or annual

8 Training Videos – HAZWOPER Orientation, Identifying Hazardous Materials, Medical Surveillance Program, On-Site Safety Considerations, Chemical Protective Clothing, Respiratory Protection Program, Donning/Doffing/Decontamination, Site Safety and Health Plan.

Written Materials – Written HAZWOPER Plan, Instructor Training Manual, Instructor Lesson Plan Templates, Student Exams, OSHA Standards, 120 HAZWOPER Pictures, Medical Questionnaire.

Everything you need to train. All on one easy to use CD-ROM!

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Price: $1,275.00

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